In 2009, there was a player named Zeltrek, he was banned for bringing up Satan too much. No matter how much mods tried, his account kept popping up again and again. In his friend's list you can see other accounts with the same first name, just different suffixes. Each has a work in Greek followed by the words "Praise him". Each word put together says: Θα είναι μαζί του αρκετά σύντομα. Δοξάστε τον.. Which translated says, "You will be with him soon enough. Praise him.". Each zeltrek account has a certain color to it, and each color is in a certain order. If you put these together you get a "No Group" picture, most people who think they have no group or class turn to Satan. You can also make out the Sacrificial Start in the picture. It is said that whoever can put together the puzzle of Zeltrek will be rewarded with sacrifice to the Lord. Link to his profile is below.