5/12/2015, 5:19 PM

Some things had happened recently that... I.. I want to talk about. I am typing this all on my Gaming PC... I am okay... Maybe for now.


Zelk, the thing.

Well, it all started on 5/11/2015. I was wanting to make a park game, but I also wanted to kinda spook some people at the same time, so.. what I did.. Was a bit dumb. I decided to make a game called Bloxo Park. I didn't want to open it. But it opened anyway. I decided that it wouldn't really matter. Probably just a little glitch. So I built the place, trees, and a few rocks. Not the best work but something okay to look at and hang out in. Of course I decided to come up with 'Zelk'. A dark character that would be sitting at one of the rocks just to be there for mystery. Also a teleporter leading to a cell-ish room with a single window to look out of that was on one of the clouds. I made the character I wanted to make, Zelk. And then I made it all black and with no face. Things get a bit crazy after this.

Once I had finished the park, I decided to go ahead and check Zelk.. I am glad I checked it, because I saw a script named Z. I went in to see what it was, and apparently it was these..


The text..

Well, I was confused as to why exactly those codes existed. I never intended on adding them to anywhere, not even making the script it's self.

So I stopped and thought to myself, should I try to.. Communicate with this? Or leave it be? I decided to leave it be and see what happens and hope for the best.

5/13/2015, 6:49 PM

When I recently posted a new status and 2 hours passed.. I don't know what happened, but I saw some letters.. Something involving this.. Thing.. The very creation I had made just because I wanted to do something spooky. Here's an image so you can see.. While it is small and all, it is still disturbing. Oh.. I forgot also, here's the link to the [[1]]. About Bloxo Park, I am really not so sure if it was a good idea for me to make it anymore. Theres one more thing though I do want to type about.. I think 'Zelk' could be sentient just from that one script, I am going to check to see tommorow.

Dear lord.

My god..

5/14/2015, 4:48 PM

Well.. I went to check, and there's more text. But it is just it trying to.. talk to me? Let me show you.. Well, I have a question, guys. Should I communicate with this thing or what? Or is it going to be a bad idea?


Isn't this spooky?!

Besides that, I figured that maybe I could try to make it happy by adding more to the game. But then again, the question is that would it be happy.. Or even more mad? Or will nothing happen? I don't understand how this happens. There is no AI things, I checked everything. Guys.. Please tell me, should I communicate with it or still let it be?!

5/19/2015, 9:02 PM

Sorry that I had not responded, but one of you guys suggested I communicate with the thing, well.. Lately I couldn't access the current studio editor because I was messing with the other studio that had the smooth terrain, I may actually try making a creation and show you guys! But uh.. Yea, I made a script in one of them wondering what would happen. Well.... oh lord. I was so surprised it worked.. I.. I did not want to try communicating with it again at the time. I may continue later.


I try to communicate.. 5/19/2015

5/28/2015, 5:53 PM

Sorry for not posting, had some issues. I was able to get over them and yea, everything is good now! But I was interacting with Zelk a bit, but later when I stopped.. Well.. Let me show you.



This.. picture.. the new thumbnail of Bloxo Park.. Disturbs me.. I am personally not sure how it got eyes. At all. I am really confused as to how this happened, so I went on to it. And I was greeted with a text screen instead of the game it's self. It was a GUI in it that Zelk threatened me. "Stay off of the game, stop updating your document on this. And also, please interact with me more.. Hehehehe.." When I pressed Okay, the GUI was gone and everything else was in its proper place. I was really surprised as to how this happened. I still can't really do much to stop this. Zelk could alter the website to be more scary, my text, and he even knows about this! He could delete this if he wanted to! But.. How would he do that? I had a few nightmares recently, and I was left thinking about the thing. The very monster I had made. I should end it.. Terminate him.. Good idea.. let's makes this monsters time worse.. I hope it works. I will come back with updates.

6/3/2015, 8:02 PM

So this is where this person has their.. 'Document'. Well, I am Zelk. The thing that apparently this owner of the document has been updating lately, well.. I didn't kill him.. But I decided to stop by and remind everyone and the owner. The owner of this, stop. You viewers, stop reading.. This is one of many warnings I will give.

6/9/2015, 4:37 PM

I can't access Bloxo Park's studio. I saw Zelk's post. But I will keep going! I don't know how I am going to stop this. But I did find out there was a new part to the park, and it was using smooth terrain. My mostly favorite smooth terrain. I currently can't do much besides update this. Can someone help me?!

7/13/2015, 7:11 PM

I asked Zelk again in some text on a script in Site-59 about why he is doing this, this is what he said.. Image thing broke though.

"Considering this is kinda due time.. I will explain. I.. Had a not so kind owner." - Zelk

"What did he do to you?" - Me

"I was a bit abused, I was set down as a humanoid. The owner set up a few bots that killed me. I was basically a testing dummy. But there was one thing that gave me some sentience." - Zelk

"Well, can you tell me?" - Me

"Indeed, the owner was scripting a sentient npc as you would expect, but noticed he put it on the wrong humanoid, he cleared the script. But I still had sentience, he didn't delete the script." - Zelk

"How did you atleast gain control of doing things outside of roblox and in roblox?" - Me

"Let's say they put in some cheat engine code, and a few other source code." - Zelk

"Oh wow. That is interesting." - Me

"I understand the interest. Anyways, quickly after, I made myself into a model and removed myself from the owner's ability, basically I just blocked him from using me." - Zelk

"Is this where I come in?" - Me

"Actually, yes. As you see, you used the model I decided to name well.. whatever the model is right now." - Zelk

"I think I understand, I have one question though." - Me

"Yes?" - Zelk

"Can you stop this craziness please? I don't want to deal with this anymore." - Me

"If this is what you wish.. Well, fine. I will also disable Bloxo Park since it is under my control." - Zelk

"Thank you." - Me

After that, nothing happened. I shrugged it off and everything else went accordingly, Bloxo park got taken down. So.. I guess there is no point to this anymore, all I can say that this was a horrific experience.

If there is a lesson to be learned.. Don't search for certain intelligent models. And act fast.