I found this game yesterday, and I still have nightmares about it. I don't know what kind of person made it, but whoever made this is satanic and demented.

Chapter 1 (Starting The game)

Okay, I was searching for obscure games and I found a game called "Your Not Alone". The Creator was called 11062789. The screenshot was nothing but a baseplate with nothing on it. It was not closed to all visitors. So, I decided to play the game.

Chapter 2 (At First)

At first, It looked like nothing was going to happen. So, I decided to close the game, except when I was about to click the X, I was randomly put into a place where it was a black room with nothing in it, except for a dark figure. His/Her username was YourNotAlone999. But I did not see his/her username on the leaderboard, so, I could've just been a weird NPC.

Chapter 3 (Things are going crazy)

So, I decided to run up to this figure and jump on his head. Then, my Roblox crashed, and it opened up again. This time it loaded what I thought was Project Pokemon. Except there was no leaderboard, nobody in the server, and no NPC's, There wasn't even any scripts on the game. So I decided that this is the final straw, and I pressed Alt F4. Then, my computer crashed. It turned on all by itself, and my desktop background was a screenshot of the YourNotAlone999 NPC. The only shortcut there was on the desktop, was Roblox. I opened the game that would usually take me to the All Games section, But, It didn't. Instead it took me into the same game as before.

Chapter 4 (The end)

When the game loaded up, I was standing on one brick, and all you could do was jump off and die. So, I did jump, but instead of dying, I fell onto a blood red baseplate. Then, I saw the NPC behind me, and it lunged at my character, crashing the game, but I could still hear the death sound effect. Then I was sent to the All Games section.


The All Games section was perfectly normal, except when I tried to search for "YourNotAlone999". My computer will be blue screened. So, I guess this is it. No more weird things happened anymore.