[CHAPTER 1: The beggining]

It was a normal day on July 21st, 2015, On that date i bought monthly BC for the first time, I was quite happy that I had BC since i never had it before, After i got BC i decided to make my first shirt, Lets just say it wasn't that good, But something seemed strange about that shirt I named it "My first shirt on roblox" And added no description but there was a description, It read in a strange taunt "YOU WILL FIND OUT IN THE FUTURE" I had no idea what that meant so I just decided to ignore it.

[CHAPTER 2: The horror starts]

I joined a random game on the front page a player called Hello32321" joined the game, I did not pay much attention to the username so I just continued playing the game until I got board and joined another game but that guy followed me into the game I joined so i joined another server, When i joined the server all the players in it left all of the sudden and the player joined my game, I said "Why are you following me?" and he simply said "You will find out in the future." I than left the game, went on his profile, and blocked him, When I joined a different game it teleported me to this game called "It's the future now, You found out the true meaning." The game was just a empty baseplate so i attempted to leave but it wouldn't let me, I pressed alt+F4 but it did not work, All of the sudden the same player who kept on following me joined the game he than wrote "'It's the end for you, That's the true meaning" And the game violently crashed.

[CHAPTER 3: The horror ends]

I stopped playing ROBLOX for about a month, After a month I went back and got a new message, The message was from ROBLOX and it read "Were sorry for the sudden place teleport and crash to you're game, An exploiter who we now banned has tried to ruin you're device by majorly crashing you're game, The exploiter is now permantly IP banned and were keeping an eye on him, Thank you" - ROBLOX

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