(My first Roblox Creepypasta! This is also fake.)

There are always so many weird users on Roblox right? Well I found one. I was just on Roblox, I noticed I had got a message. As always, I went to see what it was. It was just random spammed letters and it was from "yOuArEaLrEaDyD666". Something weird was going on. I checked the message, all it said was "|-|E||" which was supposed to say "Hell'. I decided to check his Profile. And then I saw his character. It was all black. I also saw he had only 1 game, which was just more spammed letters. The thumbnail was just black. It was suspicious to me. So I opened up the game. The first 2 times I opened it, it said the game has shut down, and all I saw was black. After the 3rd time it finally worked.

I had made a poor choice.

The whole place was black and covered in blood, there were a lot of Robloxians hanging themselves and laying dead on the floor. One even fell from the roof and had a stick impaled in his head. I slightly saw a bloody hand with a text in front of it saying "You are dead" in blood, before my game crashed. I got another message from this "yOuArEaLrEaDyD666" guy. This time it said "Did you enjoy my present, I got another one, look at your character.". From this, I proceeded to check my profile, and my character was just plain black, I also had another friend, it was him. I was so shocked, then it said I was banned for 666 days. I had to create a new account. I never got another message from him again.

His profile :

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