So once there was a girl. Her name was xoShadowGirlxo. She loved ROBLOX, but one day she was in a server and all of a sudden, everyone left. She saw only one person was in the server.

It was someone named ubooly. She said that she needed her to save her before time ran out. Shadow was told to go to a server called save me. Shadow did what she was told. Ubooly followed her. Shadow went in first person because she saw something small on the ground.

This was ubooly's plan. Ubooly snuck up on Shadow and took her soul. All the color, feelings, and love was sucked out of her at once. Ubooly took her soul, now on phase 8 of her plan. Shadow felt nothing and lacked sense of care. She became ubooly's minon. Shadow was able to take other souls, too. Never trust her, even if her character looks nice.

Please don't let ubooly pull off her plan...