Before I tell the story of my sister, I want everyone to know this is a real user, search her up if on ROBLOX if you'd like. Enjoy!

Once there was a girl who loved to play video games. The one she always played was called ROBLOX. In ROBLOX her username is xoShadowGirlxo. The girl was only 10, but didn't listen to the warnings her mother had gave her about never doing anything a user told her to do. She had many online friends, but none were ever as dangerous as Ubooly.

Shadow met Ubooly in a server march 19th, after Shadow's mom made a birthday poem for Shadow together. When Ubooly came she was friendly and kind. Shadow was curious as to why everyone went around screaming. She watched as Ubooly slowly walked away. Before Ubooly left the game Shadow decided to be friends with Ubooly. Everyone thought Shadow was crazy, so did Shadow, but deep down Shadow felt that she had to do this

One day Ubooly insisted that they both played the server Ubooly made. Finally, Shadow gave in. As soon as Shadow joined Ubooly was no where to be found. Soon after Shadow joined she noticed an object, not far from where she was. Not looking at the player list, she ran over to examine the object. It was a grave and a chest. As she was looking at her findings, she decided to go into first person. Shadow didn't notice the that Ubooly joined, and didn't notice that Ubooly was right behind her. Ubooly made her move as soon as possible. She took Shadow's soul. The color, feelings, and love was sucked out of Shadow, making her skin a black ghost. Soon after, Shadow left. She started coughing in real life. She felt sick. Her skin turned pale. She wanted to cry out for help, but her voice made no sound.

Short after, she relized no one was in the house. The house was abandoned. She had the sudden urge to play ROBLOX. As soon as she got in, she was in a server already. Ubooly was there. She told Shadow that she was evil and wanted Shadow to be, too. In return she would give Shadow some powers to take player souls, if they went in Ubooly's server. Shadow wanted to shout, "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH MY FAMILY! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME!" But instead she said yes. Ubooly smiled creepily, and nodded.

It somehow seemed that Shadow felt like she never had a family. Shadow noticed a piece of paper on the floor. All she could make out was To Shadow, Happy Birthday. The rest of the note was ashes on the ground. Ubooly picked it up and threw it away. They both watched the burnt note fly away into the red and shadowy sky, and for the first time ever since Shadow met Ubooly... She smiled...

Part 2 coming soon

Already ready for part 2

Who can find all the hidden secret puzzle pieces to find out the next part in her story

Shadow's sister


The note


Shadow's smile

I will give you one hint. Get ready....

            !retsis ym si erehw !erutcip taht dnif lliw I
             !ymmom !kcab emoc! !esaelp


                     r3¥3n93 |2 <0m|n9 ub00|7

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