This is a new creepypasta and my first one! Let me know If I have spelling mistakes or want to continue the XOLBOR story..



I just got out of bed.. I decided to play ROBLOX,

Somehow I thought it was funny to search for a user named XOLBOR ( ROBLOX Reversed )..

I was disappointed cause no one was named XOLBOR..

Out of anger I kept refreshing..

It was my worst mistake.

The screen became red..

I decided to go to my home to see everything distorted..

I tried to go to games..

It teleported me to his profile..

I received a text message from XOLBOR saying “ YOU'RE NEXT “..

At this point i was scared..

I decided to close my browser.. Didn’t work..

My screen started to become static.. My computer crashed after that.

Do not.. Search XOLBOR..



I managed to save my laptop…

I decided to go back to ROBLOX to find XOLBOR..

No trace of him has been found..

A game still exists called “NO” that has 666 visits.. 666 likes..

I decided to not play it..

Somehow I tried to click on his profile..

It just shows “ NO “..

I thought this was a bug.. So I refreshed! Easy!

But that was the worse mistake I’ve did again..

The page displayed a message “ Hello.. Old friend “

Somehow I’m back at the home screen. Everything looked like before.. Glitched up.. Things..

I decided to check the catalog only to find nothing..

I got taken to the XOLBOR profile again.. His blurb was.. “ I AM THE NEW ROBLOX “ before crashing my

laptop again.. Is XOLBOR ROBLOX all along?

Was he a administrator taking revenge on ROBLOX..

No one knows and No one is safe..

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