Why hello creepypasta fandom

This creepy thing just happened to me

You know you cannot type your name upside down or anything with "special" fonts, right? Well I looked up ROBLOX upside down (hence the name XO˥qOɹ) and I just got a bunch of people without upside down names, like any idiot on the internet/roblox would do I refreshed a bunch of times until an error popped up saying "Error" it just said error, then I looked up error and it was a completely normal user this time.. Until their bio changed to a link

A link to XO˥qOɹ's profile, like the idiot I am I clicked it and..... I had to download the image of what he looked like


He looked like this

Dang, a bit creepy if I said so myself

He was friends with the infamous "1x1x1x1" even though he he should not really be infamous cause he was just a hacking group and the owner made it named by his name "1x1x1x1" and most of all he could do was make robloxian heads rain from the sky, infect scripts and shutdown servers

Oh also his ID was "-01", you will not be able to go to it cause he will not exist for you but that one user gave a link... THE link


After refreshing a few times

Also he was friends with nogutsnoglory153 too even though I saw that he only has 1 friend (Faze_Chickens) AND OF COURSE REFRESHING WORKED Yeah of COURSE FREAKING REFRESHING WORKED!

I am a bit annoyed with the fact refreshing worked this time and didn't just give me an error like it did with XO˥qOɹ

Just why?

When I tried going to it the normal 404 page not found popped out

And when I went back to error's profile nothing was wrong, no links, no strange things and no XO˥qOɹ

I would not want to continue with this page for a while for now, if I find anything else about XO˥qOɹ or he finds anything about ME then I will let you know, thanks for reading this (Well if you did) have a good day (I do not care if there are any clichés in this I was just writing what happened)

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