One day, when I was playing roblox, I wanted to play work at a pizza place. But when I searched it up, there was only one game called Work at a Goner place. I clicked on it, and this is where the weird stuff happens. The thumbnail showed 2016 one, but the 2 Chefs were Gone, and the sign said "Joiiiinnn....". So I played it.

When I did, there was only 2 people, me and a person named Goner. Goner wasn't visible at all, and he didn't say anything. The Pizza place was empty and it looked abandoned. And I noticed that The sign was different, instead of it saying "Builder brothers pizza", it said "Goner brothers pizza".

Then when I went into the kitchen (Where the players make the pizzas), it was just an endless hallway. as I walked down the hallway, Goner said: "Im here." He then appeared in front of my Roblox character, and My game crashed. I later realised I got a message from Goner, saying:

"We will meet again, Kid.".

(This is not real, this was just a made up story like some of the others.)