so i was playing roblox creepy music started so i left the game but i still could hear it i turned off my sound but it didn't let me then a guy named whydidyouignoreme chatted with me and said why :(

i said are you ok but he said nothing then the computer crashed so i turned on the computer i was going back to roblox but my whole character was black everything was deleted so i tried to chat with him and i said why are you doing this

he said you know why :) but i said i dont he said you know when you unfriended me that made me sad and suicide at that point i started to get creeped out i had to sleep so i was going to sleep i got a nightmare of him so i waked up i heard noises glass falling but it was 6:00 then the noises stopped and then at this moment i was enough of it there was only one thing that could stop this i grabbed a rope and hanged myself


it was weekend so i tought why not playing a game? so i wanted to download COD so when i opened it it was a virus the virus brought me to a roblox game i saw a black player standing i watched at the leaderboard but i only saw my username not the player so i walked to him he turned around and i got a jumpscare he said ignore me i said ok? so i tried to leave the game so i pressed the X but couldn't i keep trying but it wasn't working then i tried to turn off my computer it wasn't working so i was going to sleep then i heard a sound from the computer it was creepy music playing then he said backwards wake up :) its time to play and i said i dont know what you mean? he said you'll find out soon the computer shutdown and i heard footsteps coming in the room so i locked the door so he couldn't come in i turned around and i i saw something scary that i have saw in my live scary then everything it was a black man with a slithed mouth had no eyes had a chainsaw and a bloody shirt

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