2015, september 14 this started. I indeed , had a very nice computer.

That one time when it just loads for 3 seconds wasn't that bad. I just had to wait to play the games.

So, one day I was playing a game. It was Roblox High School. I was just playing for fun. Trolling those ODers.

I left the game. I went to the home page of my roblox account. It just loaded there. I knew there was a little load so I decided to go get a snack. *1 Minute passes* I come back and the page still is loading. So I refresh it and it comes up.

My character name was up "iiEnchanceWolf" and all of my friends were there. I began to think: "Why did it load so long?" I didn't worry about it until then. I was playing "Apocalypse Rising" I was playing for about 15 minutes and got bored, so I left. When I logged off roblox for a while to go play something else.

And it wasn't to late before I got on roblox again. This time it was loading a lot. I refreshed it a couple of times but it had no change. I refreshed more times a 404 page came up.. I pressed the "Back to home" button, but it kept loading.

I spammed the refresh button and it finally got to my home page. Except there was a few changes, some scared me, some were a bit funny. I didn't like these changes. My username was turned to "Refresh" all of my friends were named "Refresh" I clicked "Games" and there weren't any. I began to feel worried. I didn't do nothing till' then. The page was loading. Loading... And loading.. Until finally something popped up. It wasn't the roblox home page. It wasn't even on the roblox site. it was a site named (that isnt a real site)

The page said "Why are you so full of your self?" I didn't know how I was being so full of my self. I couldn't exit out of the page or minimize it. There was only one thing to do : Refresh it. So I refreshed it and Roblox was back to normal. No. It wasn't. it was black. The game names were in white. The only 2 games were "The Mad Murderer" and "Pick a Path." I clicked "Play" for the mad murderer.

Guess what.

I instantly rage quit.

It was loading. Loading,loading, loading.. Until my computer completely turned off and in white letters said "Why are you so full of your self" It went back to roblox and i pressed games. It had the 404 page with builderman smiling with his hammer all bloody. The text below said "Why are you so full of your self" I turned off my computer and got creeped out. It was 5:28 PM. I hopped on back to Roblox. It was normal.

I played some games for a little bit. I also got on to Phantom Forces. After a while i quit the game and went to agario.

And it loaded.

(lesson learned : dont be full of your self)

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