Hello im kizaya and im pretty old in roblox well i changed afew accounts but overall im pretty old to roblox and well i have seen many weird things happen and by far this is still the one that i cant forget i was young about 6 the time i joined roblox and now im 12 and i still cannot forget what happened that day it was about december around christmas i was playing roblox and well whenever i went into a game everyone would just stop talking you could see thei previous chat and stuff but when i came in everything just stopped they didnt talk and moved around as if they still could i mean if i couldnt talk i would probably be jumping around and leaving the game but non of them were doing that i thought it was weird so i went to another game and another and another and another all the same results well after that i was abit scared and well i logged out and checked in afew hours but still every one didnt talk but i realized something someone has messaged me i opened the message and what was written there almost made me fall out of my chair it was my personal information and below it said "You know to much tell anyone and your life will be mine to keep Mrs..." i was wondering what is the secret i found out and suddenly i remembered! last night i went on a server which was locked my friend helped me hack into it and we saw something happening it was like a cult practice but we left soon not wanting to get in trouble with them and now this is happening i truly wished i had never seen that cult and i know my life is on the line but i wanted to tell you this and to becareful where you go on the internet even on something as safe as roblox....

here is some evidence of my moderation logs

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