So my name is SJTheKid or Jake. This is a site normally for creepypasta, but I have a story to share. This was back in 2014. It was summer and I, being a social outcast and staying inside, was playing on my private building server. I was just messing around and showing my screen to my friend on Skype and just playing around when my computer crashed.

I know what you are thinking: Either A. Your computer is weak, Jake. or B. This is fake, my god, too much cringe. My computer was beefy; it had 1 TB worth of space and RAM. In my mind, a hacker had hacked me, so I did my normal thing of linking the hack to my laptop. There was nothing in my fire wall when I checked to see if it was hacked. I checked my files and I saw a file that held my personal information. It had 3 things: 2 pictures and 1 file. I will post later.

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