"Ahh- oof- Ahhh!!!" The grass ruffled as I ran from town, someone was chasing me. The man looked naked, yet had a colored torso, and colored legs. "Get away from me! What do you want!?" I yelled in question. A speech bubble popped up from the blockish man's head, "Get over here! Imma Kill u," and I don't know why, but I screamed as hard as I can in terror. The man then had another speech bubble, and the old one faded, "I really need points so that I can get a badge! I need a badge so that I can show how cool I am!!! D:<" I made my hand imitate a speech bubble and said, "Oh hello! I'm a weird blocky guy thats here to kill you!"

***The Next Day***

I had finally gotten back from my long and tiring Journey, I really needed some sleep. I headed towards my bed. Then I heard a shout from Mom. "Have you been gone all night?! If you have, your in serious trouble Mr.! I didn't have anything to do since I couldn't get back to sleep with Mom yelling at me, so I decided to play some ROBLOX.

I got onto ROBLOX to find out that there was a message in my messages. I clicked on the link to the message and there, standing there, as if staring into my soul, was the man, as soulless as could be. The message stated a death oh someone that likes ROBLOX so much that they will hallucinate into ROBLOX, and die.

I reinstalled ROBLOX, to find out that the guy was a hacker, in which case, was a crazy guy, who had played so much ROBLOX that he lost his mind and practically became a ROBLOX man.

If you see anything of this man. His name is Why, and report him on this if you've seen him.

~This ROBLOXpasta was made by Marionette3143

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