Hey Guys I Found This book In my backyard its called


My Roblox Story - Robloxian6221

Mmmm 6221 wa-- Anyways Enjoy

Hi im Robloxian6221 i just made my ROBLOX account

First Day - 3/4/2009

Wow this game is Great Tho Someone named 'cage' Told me I was Going to Pay Because i killed him but Most likely Some Noob. Later That day i found a game Called 'wha (This part was where the Page Was Ripped)

i joined i was in a Cage a Noob With mask came up to me he took it Off And had A Bloody Smlie And Said 'You Killed me Now its Time To Pay' the Floor Droped i heard A Scream And then A Gunshot Then I left


TT2144 Was his Name

ROBLOX Found Dead 0/0/1

When i Went to Nothing happen it just Said ROBLOX Found Dead Then On the Tv It Said Breaking News ROBLOX admin Found DEAD it home with a note saying -Smlie For The Gun- Oh My God what has happen

ROBLOX Is Back UP!?!?!

i went to the roblox Website and it was normal I went to the news and nothing was their of Buildermans Death Something weirds going on Is TT2144 in my mind I looked at my Pc Screen and i saw a Message on ROBLOX it was from Him it said:

message From TT2144

------ Like what I did it's funny isnt it------

Now the story is not Done More is coming