I love classic games Swordfight on the heights IV, Catalog heaven my favorite is Welcome to ROBLOX Building It's fun how you can make whatever you want on the game. So I decided to play that. But it was weird The title was "DON'T JOIN". The description said "How will you die?" Don't believe me? Look at it yourself! It was October so I joined I thought they were just changing it but joining was the worst choice I've ever made.


The Weird Description and Title

After joining the loading screen was on for a long time maybe 25 - 30 minutes I guess? When I Joined there were no-one there (cliche I guess...) I just started to build. I was about 20 minutes in playing until someone joined their name was "YOUSHOULDNTVECOME666" I just thought he/she was just a troll... but then they just started saying creepy stuff like "You shouldn't be here","You will die!" ,"allahu akbar" or "Say your prayers now god is your only one that can help." I got scared and left like a pussycat I later on joined Catalog Heaven.

But something strange happened. Instead of usual chat messages they all said "NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!" I freaked out, and left the server. Then I decided to join some other games.

But every single game's name was changed to "YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE COME." and "DIE NOW!" I got frightened and reported it to the admins and they replied with "DIE NOW (Real life name) DIE!!!!" What the fuck? How did they know my name then I looked around me I saw a faint black figure behind me with a dreadful smile and a Bloody Silver Knife. The figure attempted at killing me but my quick reflexes helped me.

I ran and got my dad's rifle #AwesomeParenting Tried Shooting It But The Bullet Went Straight Throught It. It said in a creepy demonic voice "Hahahahhaha you can't shoot me you idiot" I called 911 but the figure stabbed me I am currently in the hospital waiting to get stitches but that event still haunts me to this day.

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