• 2/2/2012

I Woke Up At 3:12.And Then Something Came Up On My Mind"Wait...Dont I Have School?".And Then I Ran Into My Computer And Said To My Self "Meh Fuhgetta'Bout It".And Then I Played...Well DUH Its Roblox.But There Was Something That Made Me Changed My Life On Roblox.

Ya Know Usually When You Open Up Roblox It Would Say "Hello, Narrowtesterofroblox(my rblox name)" But It Said "Sorry, (rblox name)" So I Said "Eh Must A Been A Glitch". So I Went To Play My 2nd Fav Game RHS (1st Being Kohls Admin House) And I Saw My Friend BananaMan12. So We Just Starting Being Oders Fo' No Reason.And Then I Saw A Guy Which Body Was Bla- Wait No It Was Blue. So Me And Banana Just Ignored It And Kept Being Oders.


My Mom And Bananas Dad Married For A Reason,Because They Were Best Friends.So Now Me And Banana Can Play Roblox To Each Other :D. Me And Banana Was Playing Mad Murder. So Usually I Keep 360 Noscoping Them Until I Saw That Guy Again.And We Said "Wait...That Guy" Then We Left ASAP


Part 2 Coming Soon

Oh Ya This Is My First Creepy Pasta Dont Be So Hateful :3

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