Before Reading

Note that all events explained in this creepypasta have no tie to any real people and/or events. However, this may be disturbing to younger audiences, proceed with light caution.

This is also my first creepypasta, feel free to criticize me down below!


After seeing my friend's play, I ran into my office, and got onto my old computer. To see it being started off normally. I went on Prison Life, and played as usual, for about 5 minutes. I was holding down criminals, but one, named WaterLite207, seemed to always dodge my taser shots and cuffs. As I was confused by his skill, I asked my best friend, EliteJumper, to help me. He was then kidnapped, then shouted one phrase: "WH0WASTH3T?" (Who was that?). We brushed it off, he might have been one of those guys who thinks he is cool by getting rid of his grammar skills. Seeing him in inmate clothes, he looked different. A classic fedora and clockwork sunglasses. Looked fancy. Then he pulled out the infamous classic murder knife from MM2. We assumed it was hacking, and reported him. After I typed out a report, I got this message, N0WWH00YaTRYIN2R3P0RTT? (Now who ya trying to report?) This was what spooked me.

I left the server, and told Elite to get off too so I wouldn't rejoin. We went to a new server, and it loaded fine, WaterLite207 wasn't there, and we played as normal for a while. Then we saw a cop who pulled out that similar murder knife, confusing us. Then we looked through the list again, what it said was EttilRetaw702, same as above him name. Flipping it backwards and then swapping and removing some letters, we got WaterLite207. This confused me, and I asked Elite about it. Then EttilRetaw said this: "Woa, what are you saying about my brother?" Brother? Why weren't they on the same server, one of them would have asked to play, right?

Elite told me to report Ettil for hacking so we did, but while typing my message, we had a blackout. I got up, and was fine. After 3 minutes, I got back on, and loaded up a tycoon. Getting weapons, I met up with WaterLite207 again. The killcount in this game was broken, however, Water had 668 kills. Wha... I was scared, so I killed him. But then, I crashed and got some red text saying Y0UdUN3T?1W1LLKI77JSUTWIAT. I got off the computer, and hoped for a dream, closing my eyes tightly. Then, in front of me, I felt the darkness growing, as it cut into me.

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