I usually liked playing Roblox, I really liked the games on there but nowadays I'm now a Roblox myth-hunter sort of guy. One day, I found an account by the name of voidme33. It was a pretty weird account, so I went and checked it out. I found and I noticed his first place was called "The Void." I checked out the game and the weird thing that I found was an NPC named Void.

It had a question mark bubble on top of it's head, the kind that you can chat to. So out of curiosity, I went and clicked on it. The conversation went like this:

Void: I'm happy....

Me: Why?

Void: Because Lezus will soon end Roblox.

Me: What the...who the heck is Lezus? And why is he going to end Roblox!?

Void: Because you made Lezus mad, heheheheeeee....

Me: I made him mad!? When? How? I don't even know someone named Lezus..

Void: And Noli will help him... -mumbles to self-

Me: You don't make sense...

Void: And I will be of assistance to them!

Me: No! Don't do it!

Void: Too late! Hehehehe..!o late! Hehehehe!

Suddenly, the whole place turned dark. 'Void NPC has left the game.' Suddenly, my roblox shutdown. I tried to join the game again, but it kept saying the client has disconnected. I looked up 'voidme33' again. Nowhere to be found. But still, in your memory, only you will remember.....