So this is the first creepypasta I wrote, here it goes.

Wednesday July 27th, 2016

I was on ROBLOX, I decided to play Zombie Rush, I had the best guns in the game. I pressed play and it opened, but then after 3 seconds it froze at the loading screen. So I decided to close it, but it didn't work, not even hard-closing it through task manager did anything! Then it finally loaded, but I spawned somewhere different. It was dark, server was empty. I saw something in the darkness. It was VertexArray, but he seemed, different. He was blocky, character was completely Blood Red, had no face, no cloths, no hats. I left and decided to play another game, it worked out for a few minutes, then my PC crashed, couldn't turn it on until the next day.

Thursday July 28th, 2016

I was playing a game and I had ROBLOX's new Desktop Push setting on. I got a PM from VertexArray, saying some binary encoded words, I decoded them with my own decoder and it said "Stay away from ROBLOX or you must face whatever pain your character faces.". At that point, I was scared. I left ROBLOX for a few months, came back in October.

Saturday, October 1st, 2016

I went to ROBLOX again, barely knowing the keys, and I had many friend requests, cool stuff, and more. "Of course" I thought. I looked out the window. I saw a shadow then it went away in seconds. At that second, the power went out in only my house. I went outside to fix it, then I switched off then on the main power breaker, then I went back to my house door, it was locked. I thought "Oh HELL no!", forgetting then remembering that I had an extra key under my carpet, so I unlocked and opened the door to find there was a killer in my house, IT WAS VERTEX!!! I ran for my life, he followed, but at a slow speed. I ran into my hiding hole, which has a trapdoor by the way, I stayed as quiet as I could, he lost me, and so I went back into the house, he was there. this time, he stabbed me.

                                                          The end, or is it?

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