If you played Shedletsky's SFOTH IV you might know the sword 'Venomshank'. The sword poisons players and kills them. But most people went missing on a server using that sword, on a VIP server made by Hyperblox99. Everyone that used the sword left the game, then somebody hacked to make their nametag invisible on the player list. He found that the owner, but HYPERBLOX only said "Venom is mine..." he left the game and told their friends, one of my friends, bobogjon, knew this and told me to leave RObLOX for a month. I did, but later I realized that one of my friends' said ENDENDENDENDENDEND on his status.

I freaked out because his last status was a Rickroll link. I wonder why? Anyways I played "Vampire Hunters 2" and I am not surprised that there was teamers. For some reason someone said 'STAY AWAY FROM HIM' but that was normal. They killed the player, but he said something else: " I warned you...enjoy" people called him a noob, but... Something weird happened... One of the teamers said "NICE JOB YOU WORTHLESS HUMAN!" he became a vampire and the background was a text that said "YOU FELL FOR IT!" everyone was freaking out, and the vampire said: "NOW I COME BACK"... That was terrifying, but the weird things didn't stop, and guess who joined? Hyperblox. People were freaking out even more. I left and the weird status was replaced by "I love milk!"

It was kind of nice to see that he was OK and I messaged him an he replied "I got hacked, but I could get my account back don't worry, I'm fine". I thought it was over, but no... I played SFOTH IV and I saw Hyperblox... Someone tried to kill him but failed and ended up dying himself. The game shut down, and I tried to rejoin but... The only game was a 7 player server game called "BEWARE ROBLOXIANS!" The creator was... Shedletsky? I played it, since I was bored and needed to play something but when I joined... Shedletsky was there, and other players... Here is the list:

Shedletsky OBC

Nuha456 NBC

thecodplayer657 TBC

YoshiDahRektGuy (me) NBC

dernishere940 NBC

yomah3245 BC

bobogjon (my friend) NBC

Everything was normal. Shedletsky was talking about Hyperblox and that the said will go offline for an hour, but after talking he said this: "Beware! if you see Hyperblox while playing, LEAVE FOR YOUR OWN GOOD!"

Anyways, the site went offline and the Venomshank was removed from the catalog and SFOTH went down for a while and everything went well after that. No one will forget the people who went missing by using the Venomshank to warn us. They will be remembered as heroes, that if they did not use the Venomshank, "ROBLOX would be completely destroyed".