I made this story public on Wattpad, so you can catch the story by me @Plainoldbread on Wattpad.

The story must go on, because there's more! I said "Let's go to Red Mill!". "That place is cursed! Cursed I tell ya!" I said "Let's just go." We got on the bus and rode to Red Mill. 2 People were already all black beside VenomInYourHeadThenDie, he was back! The weather in-game became a thunderstorm, but it was raining blood. I said to myself "why this?" The user who said the story told us to get back on the bus, he racked up a lot of bounty, which lead him to be jailed. We described what happened in Red Mill, and the police got freaked out, so they went and checked, they saw the same thing we saw.

We decided to be in a party, so we headed to UD:Westover Islands. As we spawned, VenomInYourHeadThenDie was there, and he was playing something eerie, it was nails on a chalkboard. Soon, creepy music started playing and we all got scared. Venom left and we were back to normal. TwentyTwoPilots entered and we started telling him what happened in UD:Newark. He responded with "Is he some kind of silent hacker?" "Pretty Much." I replied.

"This Venom guy must be messing with my weather plugin!" Twenty said. Twenty contacted the ROBLOX staff and they manage to IP ban Venom. That was the last time we saw Venom.

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