This is a story I made up for you guys, enjoy.

One morning I had bacon and eggs for breakfast, while playing some UD:Newark, my favorite game. I saw a player who said in the chat "Come to my house for a story, it actually happened. Meet me at the school, ill pick you up on my bus". I began driving to the school and got on his bus, he drove to his house, and told us to be comfortable. I took a seat and listened to his story. "Okay, so I woke up one morning to play this game, and I was casually driving to red mill, which nobody really goes to, and I saw a guy named VenomInYourHeadThenDie, he was a silent player, who stood there. I tried talking to him but nothing happened, I asked my friend to go to red mill and see him, and we both saw his eyes turn red, he said nonsense like "Wishrow bal bento" I couldn't analyze that, until he said "Bonjour Chris and Michael." I wondered how he knew my name. He began to spam random numbers into the chat, and immediately he cloned himself. I began to read the ciphers in the chat and my friend said "He actually said Hello Chris and Michael." I was shocked. The chat immediately went crazy, the creepy robloxian said "Shutdown=true", the server shutdown with a message saying "YOU'RE NEXT!". I fell out of my chair, my inbox began filling up with "Hey what did you just do man, it shutdown!" and "He used Lua!". I decided to forget about the situation.

VenomInYourHeadThenDie, followed me into my game, when I only let my friends follow me in game. He was silent again, and my friend messaged me on Skype "He's Here". I opened up Skype and VenomInYourHeadThenDie gave me a contact request, I declined and then, Skype began having blood come down the window, my mom heard me scream help, as my mom looked, she was afraid with me, she said "What happened here?" I said "I played ROBLOX with my friend and a guy named VenomInYourHeadThenDie showed up, and he followed me in game!" My mom was shocked and said have a break for a while.

1 Year later his messages became archived, I played minecraft and CS:GO for a year then came back to roblox, everything was fine until I played The Mad Murderer, he showed up with my friend Chris, they were both black, and my friend called me and said "He got me, I need my account back." I asked him "What did you do to get your account stolen?" My friend said "Well he started to send me messages saying play my game i'll give you some free robux, so I played and blood was all over my screen. and a scene from the movie Annabelle played, it was the creepy part. I began to buy a new computer and I got Skype back but couldn't get my account back. I decided to report VenomInYourHeadThenDie, soon I got an error from ROBLOX, and I searched him back up and his account didn't exist." I began reporting VenomInYourHeadThenDie and he messaged me saying help! My friend logged back into his account with success and we both didn't encounter him ever again."

I cried tears of sadness, and I began recognizing him as a hero to his friend.

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