''The Dark Soul'" (known as W0AT)

Vault 8166 is rumored to be a hidden server on ROBLOX where un-explainable things beyond usual are occurring. It is allegedly a secret map ran by unknown hackers, which have the ability to watch or monitor activity going on between users. It doesn't appear to be a literal vault itself, but it's believed to be a metaphor meaning

"Vault/containment of hackers". It is said that anyone who goes there can gain access to certain information on ROBLOX and use the Installations, GUIs, and programs. It is then used to create new software, bots, or viruses that are placed and hidden into ROBLOX models or plugins. When inserted into a place, they obtain the ability to interfere with gameplay, local scripts, and even computer monitors. Vault 8166 is described as "the reason behind the ROBLOX website's sudden maintenance. But nobody is competely sure."

*RECOVERED* Leaked ROBLOX Vault 8166 incident

*RECOVERED* Leaked ROBLOX Vault 8166 incident

Two unidentified users attacked by the Dark Soul

The First Mention of Vault 8166.

On November 15, 2016, an anonymous user created a new thread on the ROBLOX Talk sub-forum. This user was claiming to had accidentally gotten into this "unknown place" while testing out a teleporter for a game. The thread was a brief summary on how "evil is operating behind our eyes", and that there is a place where dangerous people are gaining access to user profiles and other information as we speak. This secret place was referred to as "Vault 8166". A few hours after the thread was posted, word went out. Mysteriously, the thread was nowhere to be found, along with the user who posted it. The thread may have been taken off by moderators. If not, something else was at work, and it wanted it gone.


  • The numbers in the title are the first four numbers of 1x1x1x1's user-id. But, it is unknown whether 1x1x1x1 is affiliated with Vault 8166 or not, we just need to see what does conspiracy says.
  • The server has never been found or located by ROBLOX moderators or admins or even users.
  • The only reliable "owner" and "creator" of the Vault 8166 was "Frank". There are no possibilities of this being true.
  • There are rumors of a "Vault 1", which is a former vault/containment unit of hackers in 2006. It can store real files and do developer features, as well as cause massive disruptions to the main ROBLOX server. It was deleted later on March of 2015, but an unidentified user came forward into going to the Vault itself, along with his friends, on June of 2017, two years after its "deletion."
  • A "Goo" had been found in the vault, it is known to activate and merge into a creature.
  • An ''Reactor Core'' has been found on one of the lower levels of the Vault.
  • A supposed real vault 8166 was found.
  • The second guy in the footage is called W0AT. He got captured by the dark soul aka "the robot"

Vault 8166 was found around the time period of December 2016. It is not known whether the specific date the game was made.

Vault 8166 still remains a mystery


If we find more footage that has been leaked on the internet we will post it here,

New Footage leaked, with audio

New Footage leaked, with audio