Footage, and 'puzzle' pieces.

Incident #002 Picture.

Incident #001 Footage;

Day 001 Footage;

Bonus: A chamber.. but for who?

Two Accounts named 'NightmareSmiley'.



Incident #002

It's unknown why there's a corpse there. Many believe it's a representation of a banned account.

My theory, is that, the players who die, reset, get banned from the server, and cannot rejoin. Anyone who stumbles into the vault can only enter ONCE. Anyone who tries to return, the disconnected red bar shows up, but on top, replaced with a smiley face. ':)'

Incident #001

In this incident, there's a red like entity chasing a Robloxian. The Robloxian looks like he is from the year 2008, or 2006. At first, looking at Incident 002 picture, I thought that might've been the character, since the character did 'die' at the vault gate. If you continue watching, the footage, it'll cut to.. '1Mm0R74l1L17y'. We believe he might be involved with this.

(Sorry for the small image)

The red figure is actually a model of SCP-939: With Many Voices

Red thing in the fog

Day #001

This is the most normal looking one. No events or incidents took place. This gives you the idea, where any players spawn. It appears that the hallway incident took place, since the alarm is off. The two subjects aren't known.

Day #002

This one is very odd. Half is the entrance, where Incident 001, the Robloxian, died at. You can see him at the door. Then a cell. I believe this is where 'test' subjects are. Test accounts, or people who died at.. strange.



This is a leaked picture of a chamber. You may ask.. 'For who?'. Nobody knows. But it could be for.. 1x1x1x1. Or somebody else.


One_NightmareSmiley and Two_NightmareSmiley

These two characters are solid black, with a red bloody body t shirt. One_NightmareSmiley has favorited 'Vault 8166'. Nobody knows if this one is real or not. But I doubt it is.

One_nightmaresmile has changed, to his normal self. And is now `` free. ``

There's also people saying One_Happysmile is his daughter.. but right now we have no clue, and this could all be

  • FAKE*.

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