I haven't heard of Vault 7 until January 29th, 2017. Apparently 'Vault 7' is related to the 'Vault 8166 rumors' and we learn more about it daily. I quickly learned how to survive in 'Vault 7'. Walk. Don't run, walk.


I came across Vault 7 on a normal day, Waking up, getting out of bed, the normal. People were jabbering about this place called 'Vault 7'. I didn't really care til' I found it it was actually popular. This quickly confused me because it was only made a few days ago. But, as I learned quick, it doesn't matter when it's made, it's how it is used.



I played the game. I met a few familiar faces.. And some new.. PallidumMorte, SanctiInvidia, and SanctiLibidine. Of course, They have been mentioned before. But, I never knew them. I finally got to see them, odd, but true. I got to record something with SanctiInvidia, but it was faint because I later got trapped. It looked like a ritual, and sounded like one. Nonetheless, I rejoined. I found a few things, one of which was a log for shipment.


It's the next day. I hear noises in the living quarters. It sucks that I now camp there. It's absolutely terrible. I ran into INJECT_SEVENTHMEMORY, who actually attempted to murder me. He was possessed, like PallidumMorte and SanctiInvidia.


Starting to think there is no way out. It only leads you somewhere else. I met some friends though, hopefully they can help me stay sane. Nonetheless, it's still okay down here, but more things keep appearing daily. I am determined to find my way out.

New Room


Recently, something was found. Something I didn't knew existed, It was a laboratory! I saw the staircase and eventually went down. I found myself in a room with one other person, I can only assume she was my bunk-mate, nonetheless, we explored. We found a bloody mess under one of the beds and a black hallway that emitted sound. Again, we went in, not thinking twice. We got back into the vault, no harm done to us. But, I later found ventilation, I'm writing there right now, too! I see my friends.


It's empty. The vault is empty. I'm the only person here right now. I don't know what's happening. People are just coming and going. I'm afraid I'm gonna die if I leave the living quarters, so It's not worth the risk, but it got to me. I left and found a new room. One that was filled with purple. I haven't gone inside, so I will be documenting as I go along.


This is odd, I am in a room, I don't know how to get out, there's a scribbled newspaper and roman numerals outside of glass. I can open a door, but it automatically closes. I am stuck. An alarm has been sounded and there's a walky-talky. I got out with a few friend.


I walked into another room only to find a darkened person, sitting in a corner, reflective cubes reflecting the tally marks, and a mask popping out. I walk along, and I find an eyeball watching me and my friends. I go back into a room and find cryo chambers, I've basically started to flip. There's a lab man in the chamber, and numerous things on the floor. Then, there's an empty hallway. That's it, nothing more. Oh, almost forgot, there's a room with blood in it. Slowly losing sanity.



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