Document #1

Today my dad gave me a box, It had some really old coins and stuff inside it.

IMG 20160528 131337

But one caught my eye. It was a coin that looked like this: ---------------------->

It looked really old, so I snapped a picture of it.

Document #2

I was playing ROBLOX today and some DEMON guy sent me a message.

The message said:


I was saying to myself "How does he know I have this coin???"

So I ignored it, but then he sent me a message, AGAIN.

The message was a link to a weird game, but I played it.

Link to game PENIS:

The game was creepy, red sky and random stuff, untill I exploded while I was exploring.

It kind of scared me, so I left........


I woke up to play PINGAS, and I had ANOTHER MESSAGE. So I read it,

It said: Don't Turn Around....

As I read it, I felt somthing grab my hair...

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