It was an average day you know. I was 11 at the time and this is roblox 2012 at the time. I was playing jewley cats zombie game at the time when this noob joined. The entire server mocked him until suddently he just gained admin powers and TPed us to another game.

Alright I thought this should be intesting. the 5 of us spawned in thiss maze contraption. This was our chat.

Chico656: The hell is going on?

Superjbub: Fuck this I'm leaving

TheLancaster: How do I leave the game

Superjbub: Where is the leave game button guys?

Chico656: Where is it

Scotty354: I don't think we can leave guys

Superjbub: Merkanary have you been able to leave game

*Merkanary has disconected*

Chico656: Welp there goes one of us. Anyone for Alt 4ing this?

TheLancaster:Yeah I am doing that right now

Sueprjbub: Yo even Alt-4 doesnt work wtf is going on?

*TheLancaster has been disconnected from the game*

Superjbub: Wtf

Scotty354:Guys who is that over there

User666: .....

Chico656: HOW CAN IT TYPE?

Superjbub: If they are going for scary scripts then they have failed

Scotty354: Yo doesnt it look like it is about to jump


*Scotty354 has been disconnected from the game*

Chico656: Wtf

User666: 8df3473hdf3u8rj238rh28rhi32e

Superjbub:What in god name


*Superjbub has disonnected from the game*

The presumed script logged me out of that game. I talked to chico a couple hours later on skype. He didnt want to bring what he saw up. I kept begging him and he finally sent me a file. It was a .exe file and he claimed that was what was sent to him. I opened it to see some true terror.

It was our roblox avatars just torn apart with real life effects. I quickly messaged back chico asking why he was upset to see this. He just replied "There are 25 more picture. Each has our houses on it. those are the 5 least goreyst pictures." I kinda laughed at this thinking what could be so messed up with robloxian photoshop. Boy was I in for a treat. I logged on to my game I was testing at the time to find decals of Scotty being murdered everywhere then that same User joined. All he said was "Like what you see"

If you would imagine I noped out of there and banned this user from my games. He has by passed the bans but it has been 3 years since that entire incident. I wonder if I am still being watched by him. I wonder who his next victim will be aswell. I still keep intouch with chico but everyone else i have not come into contact with. I hope they are fine.

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