Day 1 - 12:34 PM

i havn't played roblox in a while might as well play it

woah new logo toys so many new things

alot of new front page games but one really stands out


i wondered why its on the front page i clicked on it and played it

it was a Amazingly good house almost looked Real!

the game was so well made it was like a real horror game

The Game 1:02 AM

i walked around the house then i walked into the basement and stall so many.... bodys and drawings saying "why leave its so fun" "we are friends don't go" "please i have no one" then there was a cage with a green figure then on my screen all i stall was a badly drawn face


then i looked out my window and stall the figure he broke my glass and i jumped and ran i looked behind me and stall it with blood dripping out of its eyes running like a tiger then i ran into a wall *ow fuck*

i was blacking out the Figure came and said

Figure: hi lets be friends my name eric i died in this house before you're family took it i wanted you to know we will sped a lot of time doing fun fun fun things

Day 2 ?:?? AM or PM 2/4/XXXX

i woke up in my room the words

"wanna play" "ah a new friend" "lets sped some time"

i don't know what to do i heard my door knob was turning i ran to the closest as fast as i can

i stall the damn figure he said "haha where are YOU" then Blasted a blue ray and put a huge holl in the wall then i passed out

i woke up and stall police all outside and military the figure grabs me and puts me on the roof the police fire i fall and hear the figure say "NO" and right as i hit the ground i wake up in a hospital my mom next to me then i hear

Mom: hes awake DOCTOR HES AWAKE

Doctor: oh my god you've been asleep for 5 mouths

Mom: im so happy

Me: me to i never had such a worse time in my life finally its over

i hope.....

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