Uoyllikannogmi is a strange looking player on ROBLOX.

He made his account in 11/3/2016, as i can see his status says

"Don't even ask, who i am. I will ### you be free from ROBLOX. Remember, i am always here.".

I didn't even know what he's going to do.

I got a friend request from him, i accepted the friend request.

But why he did send the request to me?

I may never know. If you reverse his name from uoyllikannogmi it says imgonnakillyou.

But how he's going to kill people? This player has red body with blockhead and a smile.

I'm still creeped out to this day. And he messages me too the last thing he says is: Save us.

That means some players are stuck in this account/player

I might add something new to this creepypasta if he does something

(grammar fixes)