Plot:5 Kids Go into A Forest and NEVER CAME BACK a on going Hunt Went on for 1 Year They Stop Its Unknown If they will ever Come back

The Beginning 10/12/2016

Reed: Hey Wanna Go Into a Forest And look For Stuff

Micky: No way im Not Doing That People Say they Found Bodies in the forest

Reed: Come on it will be fun

Matthew/Jack: Sure well Go

Micky: FINE

Unknown: I'll Go

At The Forest

Micky: Alright Where Here

Reed: Lets Keep Going

Mathew:Wow A camp Hello Anyone Here?

Mathew: Hey did any one see that


They ran and ran but they had no idea where they Were

LOST With No Hope

Micky: I TOLD YOU Oh god There's A murderer Some where

Unknown: its ok we just have to follow the map

Mathew: i lost it

Micky: oh god Were Lost Wait! does anyone See that ON---

To be Continued

Play Until Day Here:

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