My first creepypasta. Don't judge ok?

Chapter 1: How it all started. 6:00 AM 09.03.2015

I just woke up and started playing ROBLOX. Once I finished, I went to my desktop and a new file has just been created today. It was called YOUMUSTDIENOWORYOUWILLNOTSURVIVE.EXE. I then laughed at it since I realized it was a prank, however things quickly started getting worse. The ROBLOX logo changed to yellow rather than red and instead of ROBLOX it said DIEBLOX. I posted it on the forum and bunch of players commented like this: "I have not got this. Is this a prank?" I started playing ROBLOX again and in middle of playing a player spawned and the name was DarkBlaineIsHereToKillYou. His character had nothing on it, but his whole body was painted black.

I said to him "Hello?"

He said: "Good death! I was sent here to kill you and hack you. Goodbye forever!"

Blaine then spawnkilled me. I joined a different game and he kept following me and spawnkilling me and players saw nothing to me. They said I was just standing still and respawning on a spawn.

Chapter 2: Error 666 10:30 AM 09.03.2015

I was playing ROBLOX. I clicked on a game and instead of ROBLOX there was an error message, but it was Error 666: "You must die." Something started climbing my window. It dragged me to dungeon and started knifing me to death.


Error 666