the next day i decided to play my game but unknowoccult666 joined then he says "before i kill you i have to say my name is hugo i'm the one who don't have robux i need you help everybody stole my friends they laugh at me and they chasing at me then something is in my head "ban everyone" then i got banned now i trap in this box" i said "oh ok now how do you get that mask" he said "i found a note wrinting with blood that says "666666666666" then i typed the code now i got this mask now i will kill you" i said "oh noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo" then she kill me again and the game crash but it teleport me to a weird game it appears to be a room but then i saw haunted deli then she said "i'm you brother" then it teleport me to an undertale game where i must fight with unknowoccult666 then i die but i did not die the hopes and dreams music began to play 3 minutes later i won i kill unknowoccult666 then unknowoccult666 says "i'm free" then it teleport me to another game but then i saw something in the distance it was hugorrr (me) then he said "thank you for saving me but someone needs to be save and it's sr pelo"

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