after quit roblox i decided to logged roblox again and name my character jackass8685 but my name was unknownoccult666 what is going on? then i check unknowoccult666 profile to find that she was wearing a scary larry mask i decided to play the game again but this time it was 1000 ways to pie is unknowoccult666 trolling me? i don't know then unknowoccult666 joined he was inside of that white box where you can say open1, open2 or open3 open1 is for lava death open2 is for zombies and jason and open3 is for acid rain unknowoccult666 choose open2 and grab jason chainsaw unknowoccult666 spawn back to the game but jason where's nowhere to be see then unknowoccult666 typed "it's so much fun to play with a chainsaw" then the dark woods circus vocaloid song playing in reverse but then i saw a door at top that says "out of service" i tried to open the door but i can't i typed "/e noclip" then i can see what inside in this door it was a torture chamber with two victims one was sr pelo inside a blood container fill with pirahas and the second victim was hugorrr (me) gets saw in half the two victims had creepy faces from kikia a screamer from and unknowoccult666 was here and says "found you" i tried to move my character but i couldn't and then unknowoccult666 kill me and i was be kicked from the game and the game crash then i got a error message that was titled 66666666666666666666666 and it says ddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddie it has 3 gray buttons that says help me and has a icon of a real life skull i had nightmares one of the worst nightmares that i was inside the computer and i trapped inside the computer forever

Virus Message

the errror message that i encounted

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