One day I was on ROBLOX and was messing around with ROBLOX studio, I got a message saying "Save me" And It had a link so I clicked it to check it out. Now this is all real, since creepypastas are meant to be real.

Chapter 1:Weird Stuff.

I played the game and it was normal, but then it got really creepy when It went dark. I checked if there was anything wrong with my PC, but it was okay, so I contacted ROBLOX Support and they said "Ubooly isn't real," And I said "YES SHE IS!!," but they hung up. Suddenly my PC turned pitch black, and then my name changed to "Blank." I was shoDont talk about me :

                                              Chapter 2:A very weird day for me and my friends

I was assuming I would never play ROBLOX again, so I told my friends and they said "No dude! ROBLOX is fun!" But I remained silent, So then I went to check my account and it turned back to normal, but when I refreshed, my friends list was empty, so I thought somebody was hacking me or it was me, but it wasn't me... It was my PC. I unplugged it and it worked, but something reminded me of something terrible when it happened. Never to download it again.. My friends texted me that the same thing happened to them.

   Chapter 3:Glitches.

For some reason, it downloaded again and it didn't do anything. I got a message saying "You saved me...Thank you," and it went all back to normal. My friends were back, but then my friends told me it still happened, I was confused....So I never even talked and kept playing, my PC was okay while my friends PC's were not.

Then it happened to me.

Chapter 4:The last breath of my friends account, and himself.

My friend then had his account deleted for some reason, while I was okay, then he said that his stomach hurts and went to bed, He went to the hospital and got a checkout, It was his kindey, I didn't know why it happened but it was weird....Then I was looking at my PC and it said "YOU WILL NOT ESCAPE ======="  With my real name...I left and went home and deleted everything, I was okay, The doctors called me saying "Your friend is....dead.....I'm sorry sir..." I didn't care, And I never touched ROBLOX again.

Remember..Ubooly is real, And she will take your soul.


Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 10.29.07 PM


Bonus Chapter:tincheng831's response

Dear Creepypasta solvers,

Ubooly will Take your soul in real life.Have you seen her account?She is real. People think Ubooly is a faker but I refuse to. I am revealing Ubooly's victims. pocker2011 willyum67 And a lot of people I don't know. I am going to solve this. I hope ubooly is disappeared.

Sincerely, tincheng831

Note from a wikia distributer: That's creepy... ew.

note: this is rlly badly made but u get 1 star and haf-a cookie for trying.


RobloxScreenShot11082016 204242074

I shown up ubooly's jumpscare photo,doesn't mean it is real.

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