The Twin Users are mysterious users on ROBLOX who comment insults about games like "This is horrible" and "Nobody likes this". Their names are: "DavyBloxy" and "DoryBloxy". If you visit their profiles and join a group, weird things begin to happen. Like groups you are in begin to disapear, you lose places, and your places begin to lose fame. and then later on, at 9:00 PM (Or later), you can see Davy and Dory in your living room lurking in the dark. They will follow you into your bedroom, and glowing dots (Which are their eyes) can be seen. Then you will wake up in another world, where everything is on fire. There is a door but never go in there, because it's just gonna teleport you back into the burning world. If you slap or pinch yourself, you'll be back in your bedroom, revealing that the other world was all just a dream. But Davy and Dory are out there. Looking for more souls to devour.

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