(Sorry to spoil you guy's but this is not real and it never will be)

Hello everyone, iggy here again, and I have a little story to give you

One day I was normally playing roblox and I played murder mystery 2... I saw a guest and I said

"oh a coot little guest, oh so coot"

Suddenly I saw the guest in front of my player

I was confused and thinking

"Is this guest a hacker?"

Dang I was so wrong

I saw the guest reach his arms right at me for some reason and it looked like he was gonna hug me but... I knew, I jumped out of the way and I saw the guest twist his head fully 180

Then I saw Nikilis joined the server.. He left as soon as he game

I even saw roblox admins try to come in and help but... I believe they all got kicked

My roblox sort of started to bug and break down

The game completely broke my entire roblox and even shut down my computer


What I saw when I tried to log into my account

When I restarted it I reinstalled roblox and logged into my account...

I saw this

I was a.... Guest?

How did I get a page like this if guests cannot have them?

That is a question that I cannot answer


When I looked up my account

I looked up my account on roblox and..... It was gone

And I noticed that there was the avatar option even though I was a "guest"

When I clicked on it this popped up


What popped up when I clicked avatar

Guess it is just... There...

I contacted roblox about the problem and they said

"We see it has happened again to someone else this time"

I replied to them with

"What do you mean?"

And they replied with

"Guests are actually a memorial of two admins who were a couple and they never spoke at the place, both of them died and we made guests in memorial to those two and we believe that they now haunt roblox and attempt to steal peoples accounts and use them as basically puppets"

I replied with

"Really? Oh wow... But besides that can you get my account back?"

They replied

"Yes, we can, but it will take at least a minute"

I replied with


When I refreshed after a minute


And I refreshed after a minute and it redirected me to my home page

Roblox saved my account

If your account has something similar happen to it like it getting hacked then just contact roblox

They can help you and get your account back

The lesson of this story is to never trust guests no matter what

No matter the innocent look

No matter the cute smile

And no matter the cute little body

They could do what they did to me in this story

I will play roblox after posting this

I am happy


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