The Start

At the time of writing, I had taken up an interest of hacking. When it came to hacking itself, I usually had 2 or 3 scripts running at the same time such as maybe a combination of a spam bot and something else. I was surfing the web and trying to find something new to cause chaos on the citizens of Roblox. I searched on some of the deepest parts of the internet, and to my avail, found nothing other then a few spam bot scripts and some speed hacks. I decided to contact some of my friends on Skype. I contacted my only friend ever interested in hacking, Sahrab. He was unusually pale and shaky. He seemed almost freaked out and traumatized at something. He stood looking at me with bloodshot eyes, and then he set up a fake grin.

"Whats going on R-Rob." He shakily said

"W-why are you contacting me at s-such a time."

"Well, I wanted to try and find some new hacking scripts to use on Roblox." I said, wondering what happened to him.

"O-oh well I f-found one at this w-website. It is really c-cool and I think you should use it."

He sent me a link, which was odd considering that whenever he would find something neat, he would usually tell me the name of the website. But before I could ask him what was going on, he ended the call. I didn't really know what was going on. I decided that one of his relatives died and that he needed some alone time. Nevertheless I clicked the link and was transported to a hacking site titled, "Free". An odd name for a website indeed. But I didn't mind it; I simply just thought of it as being odd. I downloaded the script, which didn't take to long to download, and entered a game, The Mad Murderer. Then I waited for the round to start. I entered in as a civilian and then ran the script.

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