I am new to creating ROBLOX creepypastas, so please go easy on me :D This is only my first creepypasta.


Torture - A Roblox Creepypasta

One rainy Saturday, I was bored from watching TV so I thought I might just go on ROBLOX. I logged on as always, and went to look for some fun games to play, Like my favorite, Mad Games. But, when I was on the game page, I looked at my messages, to only see I got messaged by a guy called Tortured_Soul. (As you know Roblox now allows _ in usernames.) So, I opened up the message. I almost pissed my pants.


The message said, "Help me, I've been tortured all my life.. SAVE ME!!" After that, I was frozen, starring at that horrific message.. After 2 days, he sent me another message. "Please play my game". Although I knew it was a bad idea, I was dumb enough to play the game.


I looked at the game name, "tOrTuRe" and got spooked to the limit. When I joined the game and as soon as I spawned, random thunder.wav music started to play.. The background was red and spinning. That's when Tortured_Soul joined. While I was starring at his character, my screen kept going insane from blue to the server. --Chapter4--

He then trapped me in a bloody decayed box. He then said, Run, when you can, escape if you dare, but just know you will never stop me. HeLp! My head then started to hurt, then it stopped. When I looked at my computer, it crashed. I then looked at my Naruto posters only to see blood dripping on the floor.


I got some Clorox to clean off the blood stains. When I turned on my computer and logged on to Roblox, my character was pitch red. I was literally scared to death.. I checked my robux, my 19k is now 0. I was really pissed off and sent Tortured_Soul a message. "My Robux! You idiot, go kill yourself!". 1 second later, he replied. Why should I kill myself? I am already face to face with death..


I then started to her a static. I checked my Tv since my computer didn't static. The Tv said, "You're dead." I said to myself, how could this be!? I then checked my computer only to find my desktop sent to the red pitched user, Tortured_Soul. And to my surprise , he sent me the link to another game. The thumbnail was my user, MentalBasis. The comments saying, "This guy is screwed".


I woke in the morning. Was I dreaming? No...This was reality.. The user went all over the electronics saying You're done for.

by ObbyTheAmazing

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