( Hello everyone. Before I begin this tale, I just want to clear a couple things up. First, this story is fictional. Don't be too freaked out guys, xD. Please pop a comment down below, therefore use gentle words to express your opinion. I only like positive vibes <3. Anyway, let's get into this! ) ♥︎

Chapter 1 ~ A Humble Beginning

I logged into Roblox, happily prepared to face any adventures that came in my way. I was peculiarly bored of all my daily games that I usually played, so I decided to go to the suggested list. I felt like playing alone, since all the popularity was quite overwhelming. When I scrolled down, in the end was a game called " One's Death Murmur ". This sounded like a typical, artistic horror game, since the name linked to many other cliches that you could discover on this web. When I joined the game, it was a glamorous, white marble house. It was elegant. The walls rose up to the sky, and the windows were such a beautiful shade of white. The stained glass for your own creations was very expensive, so I decided that the creator was very wealthy. Filling the front yard was a black gate. Bushes surronded the base, and I felt blessed to even be in that gorgeous environment. As I walked closer, the gates swung open, leaving a careful metal path closer to the mansion.

Chapter 2 ~ A Horrifying Discovery

I took a step forward, and the main doors opened slowly as well, showing the main hall. All the details were sharp, and I could see a grey stoned fireplace, with a dim light sparkling in the distance. When I actually walked into the house, the doors slammed closed behind me. I flipped around, wondering who could've done such a thing, since you needed force to close them. I checked the name chart, but the server claimed that no one was there. Continuing on, I saw 3 red couches surrounding a glass table, and the kitchen was quite typical. Strangely, I saw a room that was padlocked, but I busted it open eventually. I had my volume was all the way up when I heard the doors open and close, like someone else came in. I explored this room, but all it was was a staircase down. I walked and walked until I reached something horrid. There was a wall, and several bodies were pinned to it. Their faces were completely blank, like their murders didn't alarm them at all. Beside them were killing utensils such as a sharp razor blade, a knife, and a chainsaw. On the right were stacked up body bags, and on the left was something I could describe only as a torture chamber.

Chapter 3 ~ Hide And Die

Once I made the realization that someone else was in the server, I searched for the leave button, which was no longer there. Nor was the reset button. I heard someone heading down the stairs, which meant only one thing. Escape. I ran into the chamber and raced down another pair of twirled stairs. There was something I could only describe as death. As I first stepped on the wooden planks of that room, I glitched out, and was now pinned to a bed. Those once used for death and only death, including torture. My arms and legs were tied, and I could now hear the person wandering through the door. He was wearing a mask, nothing else. His torso was invisible. In the physo's arms was a sharpened sword. He stepped towards me and repeated these same words, "I am not a myth. This is not a horror game, I'll take your soul, into the foreland." When he finally got close enough, I could see him rapidly stabbing me. My screen turned a bloody shade of red, and I now was pinned along with the other corpses. Now whenever I logged into Roblox, I spawned at that very point, watching the murder stab his new victims.

The End.