Before you read! Please take note that this pasta isn't real. The admins, events, users and names shown in this story are NOT true. Also, this is my first ro-pasta. Please comment constructive reviews so that I can improve! Thank you, and please continue reading...

Tickets Readded - Roblox Creepypasta

I started to miss tix after few days when they got removed, i thought of requesting roblox putting them back in roblox. I sent a email to roblox to add tickets. The next day when i visited, the tickets were actually readded. There was no icon on it but when i mouse hovered on it, it did say tickets. I had the same amount of tickets i had before. 500 tickets. The trade currency didnt work. When i tried to go on it, there was just blank white page with a black small text saying "Not available" so i left the page. I clicked on the catalog and thought of buying some items with tickets. There was only one item in catalog, no robux items, no more items. Only one item for exact same amount as i had. 500 tickets. There was no 3D view for it no image for, nothing just a text saying "Tix" I bought the item and i tried to edit my avatar, all my other hats and stuff were gone. I thought of it would be glitch so i reloaded the page. The page was bloody like in username 666. The only i could wear was the item i bought, i clicked on it. I tried to close the page and it didnt work, alt f4 and task manager also didnt, i was curious what would happen so i didnt plug off the pc. When i clicked on the item, the character looked like devil. I was like lets play some games on roblox even on this bloody page i will probably accustom to it. The only game on the page was "YOU'RE NEXT" The creator was [CENSORED] and the thumbmail was black wall with smiling noob head. I clicked play and joined the game. The game just had blank black gui, i was waiting like 20 minutes then the gui was gone. I was inside a classic roblox house with the ambience red. I found out that the windows and door of the house is blocked with transparent part. The only gear i had in my hotbar was tickets bag, i used it. Nothing happened. I tried to leave the game nothing happened then dialog popup popped up saying "Thanks for the feedback -roblox this is now your reward enjoy! -roblox" i tried to leave the game i kept clicking leave as fast as i can but it didnt work, i tried alt-f4 even task manager, i unplugged my pc and it turned off, i turned the pc back on. My pc looked okay, but my desktop background changed to tix with red tint. All my antivirus programs have been automatically uninstalled. The only program on my desktop was ROBLOX Studio, nothing else. I opened the roblox studio up. It normally loaded like as always. It stopped working then. I waited for 1 hour but nothing happened, i restarted my PC. And it didnt boot on, i heard someone deeply knocking on my door with a weapon like some metal sharpened weapon. I did take the knife with bucket on my head for the protection, i opened the door quick, and the only thing that was there was a note saying "Dear [CENSORED] we are very thankful for telling us that the tix readd is good idea, we did bankrupt now and we will kill you very soon, sincerely roblox" I was scared every moment in my life, i called police, police said that i am just a crazy psychopath and i should go into mental asylum. They thought that the note is fake. They never caught roblox administrators, now i am home worried about getting killed. I bought a new PC without virus. I am still scared to go outside or have open windows.