One day I was playing Roblox until I received a message. I went to my Inbox and clicked on it, this is what it said:

"Hello there! I hear you are looking for a cool new Roblox game! Click the link below!"

This was strange because the user who sent it to me was named "ThisIsYou" And he had no avatar. But, like the dumb kid I was, I clicked the link.

The link brought me to a game called "You" And the description simply said "This is you". The thumbnail looked like something made in Paint.NET. But it was creepy, it was a face with a grin, sharp teeth and red eyes with tiny black dots. but I thought nothing of it, so I played it.

The Roblox window opened instantly with my character. The atmosphere was kind of creepy with what I thought was earthbound music playing, but creepier. I moved my character down a long hallway and I stopped when I saw this black figure spawn right in front of me... I jumped because the game was in First Person perspective.

The black figure disappeared and I waited a few seconds before I started moving again. The end of the hallway came as words appeared on the screen reading "THIS IS YOU!"

My character was teleported to a dark room which resembled an Integration room, complete with the table and hanging light. I walked around in the room for a bit until I saw the black figure again on the table. Words popped up on the screen saying "LOOK! ITS YOU!"

I started getting scared and wanted to leave the game. But when I tried to click the pause button, words popped up again saying "WHERE ARE YOU GOING?"

I was horrified. The game knows what I do and where I go, I jumped as the black figure appeared again right in front of my face. The game took me back to the hallway I was in before, but it was even scarier then before.

I saw blood dripping from the ceiling and body parts. I began walking down the hallway until I reached the end. I got even more scared when I saw a dead body sitting against the wall with hyper realistic blood.

I turned around and saw the scariest thing I've ever seen. The black figure was standing right in front of me with a good look of his face, It was the thumbnail, but with slanted eyes and teeth covered in blood. after a few seconds the game shutdown. I was finally able to leave the game and log out. But when I got back to my desktop, The background was changed to some words:

"I hope you enjoyed the game, but it's just the beginning.

Signed, Builderman."

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