0x0x4x4 / Ananymos's character.

Still being written, there will be (hopefully) lots of update about this.

note : 0x0x4x4 is at the top of the list because he is the one that made me go deeper into the mystery.

second note : The user's have more weird friends, but they don't seem to be related to this.


This user has joined Roblox the 12/20/2015. He has a beginner outfit fully covered in grey with a round face, the face is also colored in grey.

The user has been rumored of being a "hacker" capable of : Completly exploiting a filtered game like if it was a non filtered game, making small changes of the roblox system. (That is currently all I know about his "hacking skills".)

Now, let's get to the CREEPY part.

If you look carefully at 0x0x4x4's ( friend list, you can see weird users.

Let's take a look at his friend list together, shall we ?

The Friend list of 0x0x4x4 :


1111 is a user that joined in 2006 (First 4000 users to have ever joined Roblox)


1111's character

But, if you look at the real 1111's friend list, 0x0x4x4 isn't there (and he has 0 friends), but if you look at the 1111 in 0x0x4x4's friend list, he's banned and doesn't look like the real 1111 at all.

Which means that there was before not only one 1111, but TWO 1111

  • 1111 looks like 1x1x1x1's character
  • 1111 is maybe a tribute for 1x1x1x1.
  • 1111 also has a place, we'll get back to the place later


putintg ( is a user that joined in 2012 (Which is the date when vault 8166 was apparently made)

  • putintg is very active.

    putintg's character


    putintg editing the game Tsar

  • putintg has now changed his look (02/02/2017) and now look like 0x0x4x4 / Ananymos, but his arms / head are / is black, he also has a ghost fedora on his head.
  • putintg also have 1111 in his friend list.
  • putintg has in his friends list few friends of 0x0x4x4 (which will be listed below)
  • putintg is the one that could of made vault 8166, has he joined in 2012. (Has the vault was apparently made in 2012)
  • There is also a very high chance that putintg is the main account of 0x0x4x4, or that they have an important relationship
  • putintg also has a place too, we'll get back to that place later.


Ananymos ( is a user that joined in 2015, he looks exactly like 0x0x4x4, he also has putintg in his friend list.

1111's Place Number: 1

1111's Place Number: 1 Is a place that is found in putintg's favorite, but 0x0x4x4 does not have this place in his favorites, the place is also impossible to find if you type it in roblox search bar, and maybe on google as well, as I was not able to find 1111's Place Number: 1 by typing on google.

1111's Place Number: 1 Is a very beautiful / relaxing place, compared to other "weird" accounts.

View of the tree in the middle of 1111's place.

View of the tree in the middle of 1111's place.

Details of 1111's Place Number: 1 :

The place has a lot of lighting, which makes the place very relaxing. The place is fully covered of grass, there is also a big tree in the middle of 1111's Place.

There is currently (as we know) no information about what is the purpose of this place, which makes the place very mysterious.

  • putintg is the first person to have ever favorited the place, and maybe the first one to have ever liked the place, has there is only 1 favorite and like, and putintg has this place in his favorites, so he's obviously the first person to have ever favorited this place.
  • putintg was possibly the first person to have ever played 1111's place.

putintg's Place Number: 61

I have seen few weeks ago, while browsing ROBLOX, that putintg was online playing a roblox game, and this time it wasn't roblox studio, I have tried to join him, and it teleported me to : putintg's Place Number: 61

There was nobody appart from me on the place, it was also very dark, all I had in my tools was a flashlight.

I tried to explore the whole map, and all I find was a truck in the middle of nowhere.

  • Ananymos was also playing the same game as putintg (I guess) As when I tried to join him, it sent me to the same place.

In conclusion :

  • putintg / 0x0x4x4 is possibly the owner of vault 8166 (if this is real)
  • putintg is the main account of 0x0x4x4, or they have important relationship.
  • If 0x0x4x4 is not the alt of putintg, 0x0x4x4 could of been the first person to have ever been able to go inside vault 8166 under putintg's authorization (if putintg is the owner of vault 8166) which could explain why there is 1111 in 0x0x4x4's friend list and not in Ananymos's friend, if Ananymos is even related to this.

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