This is my first creepypasta, hope you like it!

It all started when I was on good old roblox.It was normal until a user named "guest" joined. I was just toying around on my place when he joined. He just stood there, staring. He looked like an actual guest. After about 30 seconds or so, he said "IM COMING" in the chat. I kicked him out of the server and went to Week at scoops 3. I decided to be a guard for once, but I saw "guest" in the window. I instantly left and asked roblox about "guest". I waited for them to respond, and they said "he's coming". I closed Roblox and decided to play Happy wheels instead. When happy wheels loaded, I decided to play some levels such as "jacksepticeye spike" and 999% impossible levels. I played a level that had a bunch of "timmys" but then he came. The guest. He came. I took a break for a week.

A week later I was back and the guest dissappeared. Though, he later sent me a message saying:

Hello [NAME HERE]. Your time is up. I am almost here.

I got creeped out and heard a knock on the door. I was in my room, so I locked the door and prepared for any terrorists or stuff. I looked on the security cams and saw a black and white figure speeding in and out of the door. I got a pocket knife to prepare. The figure was nowhere to be seen, so I checked the time. 2:00 am. I decided to go to bed.

Next morning I went outside to get cereal and then go to school. When I got dropped off, i talked to my friends about the user. They said that they haven't seen him. When I was in the computer lab, I went on roblox to solve the mystery and then saw a new message from guest.

Coming for dinner. Enjoy your last meal.

I thought it was a death threat and deleted the message. When I was back home, I just watched some TV until dinner, when the door knocking happened again. This time the door broke down and I saw that same figure running into the kitchen and disappearing. I looked outside my room and my dog was bloody and whimpering. I took him inside and treated the injury, which was around his neck. I went into the kitchen and all the dishes and food were trashed. I then turned around and saw a person in a cardboard guest suit. I then blacked out, never to wake up again.


How long was I in a coma? Probably a month or so. Tomorrow is Homestuck day, so everyone is hyped for the new release. Some admins at a place invited me to their personal server to mess with noobs. Guest was banned at that time, so I don't have to worry about him anymore. I was messing with a couple guests with some awesome gear. When i went to bed that night, I swear I saw 2 beady eyes, a brown cap, and a white cardboard face outside the window, then dissappear.

4/13/15 Hooray for homestuck day! I am trying to think about the hallucination I saw in the window. I checked on roblox, and there was no sign of guest. Until a new message came. It was from "noob".

Me and guest are going to kill you and feed you to the crocodiles.

WOAH! Guest has a friend? I deleted the message and played natural disaster survival. There i saw lots of guests, but they all had numbers. Suddenly, noob joined. He hacked into the island and stabbed me. It was pretty darn realistic if you ask me. I quit the game afterwards and went to see fast and furious 7. On the way there i saw my friend Gabriela. She is always bugging me in school and I think she kinda has a crush on me. I said hi and got some popcorn and icees. I swear i saw guest and noob walking into a theater but maybe it was just me. More updates soon!

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