Hi my name is DATBURGERDONUT. I created my account about a year ago. I loved anything creepy. I can't hold my secret forever so I will tell you it. I know how to hack. I would always play pranks on people. Some of those people went on to make stories on this site. I also know how to find secrets deep inside code. That's not important, STORY TIME.

It all happened on a Saturday. I was playing Work at a Pizza Place. I was trolling this one guy. He was a noob, literally. His character was blocky, his colors were yellow, blue, and green, and he had the noon smile. Only the smile was red, really red. Anyways he said he would hack my account. I laughed and typed, "U HACKING ME? I'm a pro hacker." He fell silent. He was afk (away from keyboard) so I just continued my job. Then I got a message, it popped up big on my screen. It read, "Your account will be banned due to the suicide of Uoy Rethguals I." I knew he hacked me. I was so mad that kicked my own table. Then my account got banned.

I was used to this, so I changed the code, and I was back on Roblox. I saw I had a friend request. It was from Uoy. I accepted it. I decided to hack his account back. I was going to go deep in his coding. But little did I know, it was a horrible idea.

First I made his character invisible, then I put words on his back saying, "Hi, my name is noob." My final plan was to mess up one of his hard made games. It said he made 4. I only saw one. The name of it was, "STAY HAPPY, NO SUICIDE :D." I looked at the code, it gave me a link to a site.

As I was on that site, it had weird words. Then it said, code me to move on. Most of the code was disturbing messages like have fun, aliyah drowned, illuminated for war, killed 759 lived 2, and more. Then I found one last link and clicked it. Then I couldn't hear anything. Then I heard a loud, high frequency, irritating screech. I then saw hidden messages in the coding for that link and it read, "All around the slayed berry bush, the killer chased the ignorant, who smashed a little kids head down, he caught up to the ignorant," "Troll me once shame on you, Troll me twice I have died, Troll me thrice pay for your laughing bill."

My screen turned off. I saw a dead noob body. A gif appeared. I clicked it. It flashed real dead bodies. It flashed a Roblox noob red smile. That Roblox noob became a real person. I saw a shadow creature. I only saw half of the stuff in that gif. I threw up.

I threw up a weird black box. I saw my computer turned on. The code was on the I saw a message, "Uoy Rethguals i=I slaughter you." I saw a picture of me with a carved smile. I felt someone stab me from behind. Everything went black.


I woke up in the hospital. The doctors looked at me worried. One of them handed me a mirror. I looked in it. I saw me.....

with a carved smile, one eye missing and a note tattooed on me, it read, "I told you - Ouy :)."

Dead Robloxian

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