This is my first ever creepypasta on this page but I hope you like it.

I just started playing Roblox a few weeks ago and I've been having loads of fun. There's many games to play and limitless customisation. But the fun stopped when I saw an ad saying "can you join the server?". Me, being curious clicked on it. It brought me to a game called "the un-joinable server".

I thought that it was just some troll (there are loads of games like that). I saw that there where no players in the game, no creator ,no description and no thumbnail, I didn't think much of it at the time and clicked join. It gave me a message I've never seen before, "are you sure you want to join?" weird I thought, maybe just a new feature.

I clicked "yes I would like to join" then it loaded. There was nothing on the game, I mean nothing just a flat baseplate basic sky background and no music. The leader board was full, like it had every account on Roblox despite it saying no one was on and there being a 1 player max. I also did not see anyone I typed in chat "hello". Then the chat was flooded with messages saying "GET OUT OF HERE" and "SAVE YOUR SELF". I did exactly what they said and left, I did not play Roblox for the rest of the day.

The next day I logged into roblox and something was strange, I could not tell you why but it just felt, wrong. I then got the feeling that I was being watched. I turned around and saw nothing, I then looked back at my screen and saw that the screen was filled with the un-joinable server ads. I tried to exit the window but it wouldn't close. I tried to turn it off but I couldn't, then I was sent a message saying "you where the first to join the un-joinable server" the message was from builder man, but that account only sends you the welcome message.

If you ever see an ad for "the un-joinable server" DON'T CLICK IT. It may seem like nothing, but trust me its horrifying. DON'T TRY TO JOIN THE SERVER.

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