one day on roblox i found a group know as robloxian myth hunters (you know theres a lot of myths in roblox) however someone found an user i know it was a hacker but her name is hugorrr so i ban him cause he's a hacker until i join the robloxian myth hunters hq and everyone told me about a secret "hey gguy1234 theres a secret that if you press that green button 50 times you will be teleported by a stalker" japh yelled so i decided to try it until its gets worse

i press the button 50 times and i get teleported by a game called "death of hugorrr" i was in a graveyard with a bunch of tombstones of people who got ban, one of the tombstone was a large grave with the name "hugorrr" on it... then i meet the creator he wears a green shirt with red pants and a black hood with bunny ears. i couldn't see his face then the game crashed

i back in robloxian myth hunters and that player was in the game so i said "whats your name?" and then he replied "my name is tonycult and don't look at my face or you will regret cause i am sad" until everything went black and blue then i saw his face but i still can't see what it was i think she is smiling at me i don't know what the hell is going on

then everything went red and orange and i could see his face it has black sockets even though he is withered it has teeth on his neck to make like a necklace and has a green bow tie


this image is tonycult looking at you

then everything went red and yellow and tony cult was getting closer and closer

and then i run into timeburn's office and tonycult was there looking at me but then i realized i was the guy who stalk you


why i she staring at me