Warning:this is my first creepy pasta expect clichés

hi my name is koopa I'm not the actual author of this story the real author died while he was trying to post this story to this wiki anyways I have the story and I'm going to share his experience to everyone in this wiki here's the story hi my name is well I'm not telling you my real name and my username because I don't want trolls to friend request me anyways today was the biggest mistake of my life here's my experience I was playing one of my favorite games on roblox it's called Survive the disasters I was having fun untill a robloxian with no name joined the server everyone left when he joined expect me I talked to him a bit but all his responses were you won't last long I left but when I did my computer shut down with a message in all caps it said YOU WILL DIE

the message scared me when I looked at my clock it was 3 am I was tired so i went to sleep big mistake

when I woke up I saw the robloxian in front of me I ran to the attic to hide he's breaking the door HELP ME

ok it's me koopa again unfortunately the author was murdered by the robloxian the robloxian broke the door when into the attic found the author and killed him with a sword the robloxian when back into the authors

computer and never came out it is rumored that once a year the robloxian with no name will join a game

when he joins everyone will be kicked from that server expect for one person that one person will be dead 10 hours after he/she meets the robloxian with no name so if you're the only one in a server with him it's already too late because you're already killed by the robloxian I didn't meet him before but someday I might

that's all see you later oh and the author had a laptop that's how he try to post this story to the wiki but failed because the robloxian with no name killed him

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