This is a fake story, I will make it better in the future.

The start (2014)

It was a normal day, reading this very website, after it i played some Roblox, I joined a game called: U BORED MATE?? JOIN THIS, so i did. there was one player: RO_Haxx0r.


He was all gray and he said "BE MY FRIEND, OR BE HAXXED". after reading the posts on this website i did it. him >>

My mistake (2014)

so after a day, he said this to me: "I know your email, (My email)"

I said "wtf how". I then played a game, A nearly full server, until he joined, everyone was gone, but me.

I went outside IRL, a note that said: I be coming. i went on roblox he looked like me!

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