Hes knocking on my door... But i still have to to write this to warn others...

I was searching the roblox catalog one day (I was new to roblox and searching for a script to give me free obc and robux) When i found a script called "46666" I decided to buy the script because of curiosity. The second after i bought it i noticed something weird. The description was "46666" the publisher was "46666" there was 46666 comments all saying "46666" the item id was "46666" and the year it was published... 46666. I created a new place and inserted the script. The text was 46666. It didnt do anything ingame. But the next day the text, name and everything of the script became 566666. After that 6666666, then 76666666 and so on.

I decided to message the owner. But when i pressed send everything in the message autocorrected to the number... 12666666666666. My computer then shut off, it wouldnt turn back on. I started laughing about how every story about roblox says this. But then the room started shrinking. The words "Are you laughing now?" Appeared on my tv screen in a red, blood like color and font. Suddenley I felt something forming in my butt. I farted. The room exploded. Then I started calling myself "he" and started knocking on my pet dog named door.

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